Sunday, October 14, 2012

Redneck Love

Just thought y'all might enjoy another taste of what's comin'! Here's an excerpt:

“Holey Moley, they're firing on us!” Pa erupted from the his bed, and crashed, flopping on the floor like a fish thrown on the shore. Dogs of all shapes and sizes sprung up as if they were prairie dogs popping out of their holes. An awful din of barking enveloped the house. Ma just rolled over and resumed her wispy snoring.
“Pa, do ya think it's 'cause I refused him?” Cynthia, in a long, flannel nightgown, appeared at her parents' doorway, her whisper sounding all the more frightened in the darkness.
“Refused who? What? Ya know somethin' 'bout this?” With one leg in his overalls and the other only in his skivvies, Pa hopped around on the cold, wood floor trying to dress hurriedly.

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