Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Redneck Love II

On this stay-at-home-because-we're-sick day, I'm working on my last story. Here's where I'm currently at:

"Part way up the steps, she paused and listened. All she could hear was the rhythmic creaking of Ma rocking in the living room. But she was sure she had heard an out of place squeak—like someone was sneaking in the back door.
Retracing her path, Cynthia crept down to the bottom stair and peeked her head around the corner to the left. Even in the dim firelight Cynthia could see that the back door was soundly closed and that the lock was in place. She waited a few more seconds, but when she couldn't pick up on any another strange noises, Cynthia proceeded to head back up to her freezing, second-story room.
As Cynthia hurriedly pulled on her nightgown, she heard light steps on the stairway and saw the slight figure of Ma pass by her ajar door. Ma must have given up on Pa getting home at a reasonable hour, too. Or else she had just gotten to a good stopping place in her knitting. Either way, Pa would be coming home to a cold, silent house."

Suspenseness! Even I'm only guessing at what's coming next! :)

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