Monday, October 1, 2012

Is Sad Good?

I just finished another story. Just a sneak peek for you sneaky peekers! ;)

The crumpled bundle of a cat had not moved, and it was with apprehension that John bent down close to feel if she was still breathing. A quick rise and fall of her body assured him that she was still holding on, and he eased the lip of the shallow bowl under her chin. Her eyes cracked open for a second, closed again, then reopened wider as her nose slowly started rooting around, smelling the milk. Inquisitively, a little dry tongue slipped out of her mouth and made contact with the milk. Another lick and her ears began perking up.
John was kneeling down beside her. He stretched out his hand in the near-darkness and ran a couple of fingers over her head.
“I'm going to go fetch a lantern, little girl.” He whispered. “Hang in there, and I'll hurry back.”

This book is almost all written! Keep your eyes and ears open for its release!

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