Saturday, August 18, 2012

Special Day Remembrances

Baby Boy with Grandma

It's time for a more personal post. Today marks a very special day for my husband and me--our son's birthday! When I think back to the day he was born and all the trauma of his birth, I am so thankful! There are birth stories that are more intense, and definitely tales that would break your heart, but each entrance of a child to the world is a miracle.
My little boy took a long time to make his appearance, and to say that the natural birth was intense is quite the understatement. His little arm was wrapped back behind his head, making it very difficult for him to move down the birth canal. And I have to admit there were a few hours where I felt insane and thought I could die. But my God was gracious, and I know He never left me even when I felt so alone.
When I think of that moment when my baby was first placed in my arms and we found out that he was a boy, the overwhelming joy rushes back just like I had that day. Nothing could have been more perfect.
Today is a day that I'm so happy to have something to celebrate. I celebrate my son. I celebrate life. And I celebrate my Savior.

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