Friday, August 3, 2012

2nd Book Planning In Full Gear

It's been a crazy month for writing. I'm trying to get going on my second book, but it's been slow. Personal health issues have put a wrench in my plans. But just in the last couple of days I'm feeling the fire of inspiration returning!

One chapter is nearly done--a rough draft, that is. And I've got another in process and a few more in theory. :) I'm hoping this next week or so will be more productive!

If you have suggestions on how I can improve my writing, please leave me a comment here on my blog or over on my Facebook page! I'd love the feedback!

And if you've read my first book, please leave me a review on Amazon, and tell your friends about it! Thank you!

And just to end on a fun note, here's an excerpt from the current chapter I am working on:
"Lou was my mother's bane. Having a newborn was hardship enough without having an ADHD—Annoyingly, Depressingly Hyperactive Dog." :)

Have a good week and enjoy the Olympics!!

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