Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shout Out to the Artist!

Hello, World! I wanted to post a shout out to the artist who created the front cover image for my book. His name is Joseph Rhodes, and I must say I am super pleased with his work!

That kind of art is totally out of my league, and I am really happy that I outsourced. I'm getting ready to contact him for a bid on the cover for my second book.

If you like his style, I encourage you to contact him! This image was created partially in GIMP, but I have also seen him do some pretty stunning hand drawings, so I think he would work with whatever you are wanting.

You can find Joseph Rhodes on Facebook--just send him a personal message explaining what you are looking for. Or you can contact me for more information.

I hope to drum up some business for him, because he deserves it!

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