Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ancient Journal Entries II

Just for kicks, I've decided to share some old journal entries from my childhood exactly as they were written (except for changed names for people mentioned). Any commentary from the present is in [brackets].

May 19, 1997 (Age 8):

In the garden, I have cucumbers goin growing. But they are dying. They are about four in. tall and were fun to grow. [That was the start of my abusive relationship with plants. Not a one has survived in my care since.]

May 30, 1997 (Age 8):

I am starting cursive! It is going to be fun! [Now refer to the next entry below which is my first one in cursive.]

June 13, 1997 (Age 8):

Mom is doing a lot of things im [in] the kichim [kitchen]! It is fum [fun]! [Hadn't quite got the hang of cursive 'n's yet....]

June 23, 1997 (Age 8):

I an [am] getting better and better at cwrsive [cursive]! Ue [We] borroued [borrowed] a swberben [Suburban] Swmday Saterday thru Momday. [See how good I was getting? Now not only my 'n's and 'm's were switched, but my 'u's and 'w's were also! But I was oh so proud....]

[I also was signing off on most of these entries as "L.A. Gear" which I thought was much more dignified than my actual name. (And it might have had to do with the cool shoes I had with that name emblazoned down the side.)]

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