Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ancient Journal Entries I

Just for kicks, I've decided to share some old journal entries from my childhood exactly as they were written (except changed names for people mentioned). Any commentary from the present is in [brackets].

May 13, 1997 (Age 8--the very first journal entry of my life):

One day Rick, Ken, and I were jumping with the Smiths and I got a boost and my knee went flying up in the air and hit me fair and square in the mouth. [What eight year old says "fair and square"?] I jumped off the trampoline and I held on to my mouth. I had hit my front tooth crooked, but it turned out all right. The next day it still hurt but I noticed that it was pushed over to the left and so my tooth on the right could move over! And so I'm Glad that it happend. [Yay, for accidents! However, this method of tooth rearrangement didn't stop me from needing braces later on in life.]

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