Sunday, March 17, 2013

He Nailed It

I'm working on my third book in the Country Misadventures series. I'm just in the baby-stages of figuring out where I'm going with it all. Here's an excerpt from the story I'm currently writing:

'I scooped him up in my arms, trying to avoid brushing the bleeding finger up against anything for both pain and stain sake. I took a step forward before realizing that I also needed to get his wagon home. Hesitating, I thought about just leaving the bulky thing there, but who knew when I’d get a chance to return for it.

With a sigh and a comment of reassurance to Gideon, I shifted him over to my left hip and awkwardly leaned down to grasp the wagon. It was one that was designed for a child, not a five-foot-nine woman like me, so the only way of toting it was under my other arm.

“Okay, home, Honey.”

As I started clumsily jogging toward our house, I glanced over at Gid’s finger. The blood now covered his whole fingertip and threatened to begin dripping off. I gagged. Gid’s weeping had been slowly diminishing, and he now was down to a mere sniffle. He peered at the shredded fingernail.


“Yes, that’s an owie, Punkin.”

The wobble had gone out of his voice. Now he had switched to his curious conversational tone. “Owie?”

“Yes, that’s a big owie. That red stuff is blood.”


“Uhuh, blood. Yuck.”

“Bud! Ew, yuck, nathsty!”

I had taught him well.'

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