Friday, February 8, 2013

From Terrors of the East

Here's a small excerpt of the story I will be adding in to my second book. The revamped book (A Redneck Romance) will be available for sale on the 21st of February. And for those who have the book already, the updated version will be dowloadable shortly after!

The excerpt from the new chapter, Terrors of the East:

"Now where we lived, a good half an hour away from anything resembling civilized civilization, we were hard pressed to find any sort of employment. There was no paper route to be had, and immigrants from Mexico took up most of the farmhand jobs available.

I became a piano instructor when I was fourteen. I think this occupation is closely assimilated with that of a librarian. The people around me sighed and shook their heads, knowing I was sentenced to old-maiddom. I proved them wrong six years later, but the odds were against me.

However, my older brothers couldn’t consider piano teaching as a profession for two reasons: there’s nothing worse than men choosing an old maid’s line of work, and they also didn’t know how to play the instrument. So, in our area of the world, there was only one possibility left—goatheads."



  1. Sounds interesting! Can't wait to see what the boys did with the goatheads. Used them as teazels? Made them into beer? Sold them as backscratchers? Come on, Tracy, don't keep us in suspense!

    1. Oh, my! Why didn't I think of those things? Well, just try to be patient and give me time to finish writing! :)